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Mercedes Designo

Designo Program: "a unique Mercedes"

designo"A unique Mercedes. A real pleasure for you " Let yourself be captured by the harmonic play of shapes and colours. Feel the emotion of seeing cars dressed with Designo colours: CLK in mystic red or E-Class in elegant lead green .

But the harmony of the whole ensemble always derives from the harmony of the single parts. So, let yourself be wrapped around by the seats in soft silver-coloured leather or by the brown poplar console and much more…

With Designo program, you’ll need a few ingredients, accurately selected to transform your Mercedes-Benz in a real masterwork. 

The union between the rich set ups, your personal taste and the variety of our materials makes of every Designo creation a unique piece.

Personality leaves its mark.

Exclusive colours, fine materials

Designo set ups for your Mercedes-Benz include fine wood or marble inserts, exclusive leather coverings and wonderful varnishes for externals.

All these elements allow you to create personalised effects or to create harmony.

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