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4 year-warranty. Car Guarantee: free for those who buy an MB.

4 yearsCar Guarantee: the first 4 year-guarantee only comes from Trivellato.
The special  “Car Guarantee” is free for all MB cars; it’s the leader in this field all over Europe. It’s a guarantee that Trivellato reserves to those clients who buy a new MB car,  Trivellato offers a 4-year-guarantee for a maximum of 200,000 Km (3 year-guarantee for MPV which corresponds to 150,000 km coverage). The covering accrues from the second year and for a duration of two years. The registration date is taken into account.  The terms and conditions are those reported on the insurance “Car Guarantee”.

You’ll be covered form repair costs all over Europe. With "Car Guarantee" you are covered from repair costs of all mechanical and electric parts. This offer is valid all over Europe and it will be given to you as soon as you buy a new car at Trivellato, both in our showrooms and on-line.

As far as Smart is concerned, the covering extension is valid for those clients who buy a new Smart car, In this case the terms and conditions are the same, with a duration of 3 years, up to 120,000 Km.

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