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We have cars in stock at special prices, both already registered and not. Take a look!

Black Card

black cardServices, discounts and special terms, all for you. Its called Black Card. It’s a personal fidelity card that you will receive as soon as you buy a new car. It will allow you to access a new universe, full of services, designed expressly for you and your needs. Discounts, special terms, advantages: discover what it means to concretely be a special client at Trivellato.


Main services included:

  • The first 4 year-warranty of the Mercedes Benz world: if you buy a new car, you will be protected from eventual malfunctioning for 4 years. Only Trivellato is able to give you that kind of tranquility.
  • Guaranteed Drivers License Insurance: in case your drivers license is suspended, you'll have a small car at your disposal for 60 days, which you can use without a drivers license. Or alternatively a discount ticket to be used in all Trivellato main offices.
  • Vehicle registration tax is already paid by Trivellato.
  • 25% discount on items at the Mercedes Benz Boutique, in the Trivellato main office.
  • 25% discount on the rental of a substitution car.
  • In case of trade-in of your used car, all relevant transfer fees will be covered by Trivellato.
  • Notice of expiration of warranty and free inspection of the car within the expiration date of coverage.
  • Notice of expiration on mandatory revisions.
  • Free pre-revision inspection of the vehicle.
  • Free Air Pollution inspection.
  • Delivery of the new car, with a full tank of gas and polished using a special protective wax treatment, supplied with original Mercedes Benz car carpets and lamps as well as with a homologated visibility jacket.


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