Used Vehicle Restorations

Have a look at how we give new life to a used car. 

Trivellato used cars are the result of a strict control and restoration procedure certified by TUV. Read more and discover what this is about and watch the shoot and the results of our job: for you… the certainty of a new car.


Here are the main phases of the restoration procedure.

Car acceptance. Our expert makes a survey. At the end of the restoration interventions, a counter-report is made in order to verify if the job was correctly carried out.

99 specific control procedures. Survey and counter-report concern 99 parts of the car: chassis, under body, body, bonnet.

Restoration interventions. Each component is restored in the best conditions by our specialised used cars workshop in Bolzano Vicentino.

The body is as if it were new. Thanks to the implementation of technologies and the experience demonstrated by our partner Irontech, we are able to make the body of a used car like a new one, removing the eventual little dents or damages deriving from parking, without having to touch the original painting.

On road test drive. It is carried out by putting the car under effort in order to test if further tune up is necessary.

Certificate. This is given to you as a certification of all the elements deriving from the survey and counter-report. It is important to benefit from our 1 year-warranty. 

Mileage certificates. Thanks to our tests, you’ll perfectly know what the effective mileage of your car is.  It is written on the certificate we give to you. No doubts… No surprises.

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